Hoh-ke-pek’ Program



The Hoh-ke-pek’ Program is a part of the Youth Opioid Victim’s Assistance (YOVA) Project, which is a collaborative effort between the Yurok Tribal Court and Yurok Health & Human Services Department to serve the needs of Yurok youth and families impacted by the Opioid Crisis. Our team specializes in providing Yurok traditional culture-centered, direct mentoring services and connection to supportive services for our participating families. The program currently receives funding from the Office of Victims of Crime (OVC), under the US Dept. of Justice’s Office of Justice Programs. OVC seeks to “[enhance] communities’ responses to the opioid crisis [by] serving our youngest crime victims.”

Program Description:

The Hoh-Ke-Pek’ Program serves Yurok families with youth ages 0 to 18 years old. Hoh-ke-pek’ is a Yurok word for I train, I practice, I repair myself. This program especially seeks to support families with young children by offering the following services:

 Youth mentorship (Ages 6 & up)
 Social and emotional skill-building (Ages 6 & up)
 Porch side visit cultural activities for families (Ages 6 & up)
 Cultural learning groups (All ages)
 Cultural family gatherings (All ages)
 Growth & learning opportunities with horses (Ages 6 & up)
 Connection to wide network of other program offerings (All ages)

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For more information about the Hoh-ke-pek’ Program or the YOVA Project, please reach out to our staff:

hohkepek@yuroktribe.nsn.us or at (707) 482-1350 ext. 1436

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