Yurok Wer’er-gery Court

Yurok Wer’er-gery Court is an alternative to the juvenile justice system that gives tribal youth of the community the opportunity to have a positive effect on others’ lives while also providing the community a values-based juvenile justice system. It empowers the youth by allowing them to serve as the bailiff, judge, jury, defense attorney and prosecutor for cases involving youth offenders of the community. The restorative theme of the court allows young people to take responsibility for their actions and provide service to the community.

The Yurok Wer’er-gery Court is being revived to help promote positive self-esteem, motivate self-improvement, create a healthy attitude towards shared community values and assist youths into becoming active and productive members of the community.

To contact someone please email: yurokyouthcourt@yuroktribe.nsn.us

To fill out an application to participate in the Yurok Wer’er-gery Court please click the following link: Link to Application