Yurok Tribe Wellness Coalition

The Yurok Tribe Wellness Coalition (YTWC) is dedicated to battling the poisons of addictive substances in the community by restoring beliefs in family values, spirituality, and cultural responsibilities. Our main goal is to reduce suicide, overdose deaths, and recidivism rates by promoting healthy lifestyle choices.

Click on the following link for a list of Narcan Distribution locations and Medically Assisted Treatment (MAT) Provider locations: Google Map of Locations

Take our Community Wellness Poll! The YTWC data workgroup is conducting a poll to gather the perspectives of tribal community members. The poll is 9 questions, and all personally identifying information will be kept confidential. Link: https://bit.ly/YTWellnessPoll

Link to YTWC presentation at the Yurok Annual Membership Meeting: YT Wellness Coalition Presentation

Read the 2021-2022 Yurok Wellness Action Plan: Yurok TAP-FINAL 2019-22

Read the 2021 Youth Community Readiness Assessment: 2021 Yurok Youth CRA Report

Notes summarizing YTWC Monthly Meetings:

May 17th 2022 – May22 YTWC Monthly Meeting Notes

April 19th 2022 – Apr22 YTWC Monthly Meeting Notes

March 15th 2022 – Mar22 YTWC Monthly Meeting Notes

February 15th 2022 – Feb22 YTWC Monthly Meeting Notes

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December 21st 2021 – Dec21 YTWC Monthly Meeting Notes

November 16th 2021 – Nov21 YTWC Monthly Meeting Notes

October 19th 2021 – Oct21 YTWC Monthly Meeting Notes