Wellness Court

Wellness Court Mission

To Provide a Path to healing for non-violent Yurok offenders affected by drugs and/or alcohol through an intensive substance abuse treatment program to improve family, community, and cultural involvement, to promote healthy life choices, and to reduce criminal recidivism


To reduce alcohol and other substance abuse-related crimes by providing treatment planning, case management, and court monitoring of Yurok Offenders

To expand access to concurrent jurisdiction over drug-related criminal cases that involve Yurok Tribal Members in Humboldt and Del Norte Counties

To assist Yurok offenders in the reintegration process back into their Community

To apply interventions that meet the cultural and spiritual needs of Yurok Tribal Members

Activities Include:

  • Multidisciplinary Case Staffing
  • Ongoing Judicial Interaction
  • Random and Frequent Drug Testing
  • Appropriate Sanctions and Activities
  • Connection to Substance Abuse Treatment and Recovery supportive Services
  • Individual and Family support within the Justice System and School System

For more information please contact the Yurok Wellness Coordinator at (707)482-1350.

Giving (Sharing) Tuesday

A Global Day of Giving…This is a giving movement that has been built in Nations around the world. This is a chance for people, families, businesses, and communities to make a difference, to support efforts to heal our communities that are fighting to make a comeback after the harms of the invasion and its aftermath.