Standing Orders

Standing Orders establish continuity for certain processes and procedures and are used to ensure due process by putting the public on notice on how the Court will handle certain matters if not already defined in a Tribal Code or Ordinance.

Order Number Date Standing Order Subject
2010-015/3/2010Forfeiture of Unclaimed Property & Gear at YTDPS
2012-0110/1/2012Inedible Fish Destruction Prior to Adjudication
2013-011/24/2013Guardianship Reports & Reviews
2013-022/28/2013Community Service - Incompletion after 90 days
2015-013/4/2015Adoption of US DoI OHA for Jessie Short Plaintiffs and Heirs
2020-015/3/2010Unclaimed Property and Fishing Gear
2021-012/25/2021Disposal & Destruction of Evidence
2021-026/1/2021Releasing Guardianship Info to YT Enrollment